South Florida PPG

South Florida Powered Paragliders (PPG) is a group of paramotor pilots that meet up and fly various locations in South Florida.

The group, whose members stay in contact via text messaging, is the largest in the area.

On this page I present ParaPics taken by the pilots of SF PPG.

Into The Storm

Taken By: Mike Ingraham

During this sunset flight the rain storms literally surrounded us making for a surreal experience. This photo does a good job of expressing this.

The Debriefing

Picture of Mike Ingraham and Scott Stonebreaker

Cool silhouette picture of me and fellow pilot Scott Stonebreaker chatting after a sunset flight in Homestead Florida.

Close To The Sugar

On this flight I had an action cam mounter on my cage facing backwards and while the video came out looking like something from the twilight zone, I was able to capture some cool pics. This one is of fellow pilot Cappy skimming the sugar can fields.

Cappy Over Belle Glade

Taken By: Mike Ingraham

After a great flight of buzzing the cane fields, Cappy and I gained some altitude to watch the sun go down.

Mike Over Belle Glade

Picture of Mike Ingraham taken by "Cappy"

Here's a picture of me taken by Cappy on December 14th 2017 flying on the outskirts of Belle Glade.

Cruising Hollywood Beach

This is a picture of fellow pilots Ivan and Anaudi as we flew along Hollywood beach.