Beach Flight February 2nd, 2018

Juno Beach is one of the few beaches you can fly on the east coast of South Florida.

Beach access is a breeze and all the locals I've met are friendly and curious about our sport.

The winds were a steady 8mph on this day gusting to what felt like12mph and while the "beach breeze" usually provides for smooth sky sailing, on this day the air was a bit turbulent and more characteristic of inland flying with strong winds.

Come to find out my lens filter glass had a smudge on it that affected a lot of the pictures so I almost didn't create a journal entry for this flight.

I botched the first launch because of my own impatience so my buddy Ivan helped to reset my wing :o)

My feet leave the earth as a friendly crowd watch on.

They knew I was going to takeoff and enjoyed the show.

Here's Cappy just before he shoots some pretty epic splashing waves footage. See the video HERE.

Brian in the middle of a reverse launch as Ivan watches on. Notice the two wings off in the distance.

One of the cardinal rules at Juno Beach is don't fly over the pier!

Here we are looking south, not a lot of mega high risers here like there are further south.

This is one of the tallest building on the beach here. This is looking north up toward the inlet which I've decided to fly up a ways.

A couple hundred meters from the mouth stands a grand old lighthouse that I immediately have the urge to fly around but decide not to almost just as fast since it's probably frowned upon by the locals so back to the beach I go.

Cappy flies north as I decide to head back and try to get some footage of the other pilots.

Jorge and Brian entertaining the beach goers

Drag racing Brian down the beach.

Brian Cruises Juno Beach.

It looks like he's coming straight for me!

Flying over the white-capped waves.

Brian and Jorge fly overhead.

Cappy heads straight out to sea.

Saying hi to some friendly locals

The might GT comes back to earth....

All in all this was a great flight. On the second try I had a great takeoff and in the end a nice, soft landing. This was the second time I've flown here and definitely the windiest which gave me some needed experience.