The Para-Sports Talk Show


Robert Michiels

Robert is a paraglider that lives in Southern California who has started a talk show that discusses paragliding and paramotoring which is paragliding with a motor.

As far as I know, this is the only show of it's kind so please support Robert by visiting and subscribing to his channel.

Episode 9

Deanna lucky is a Paramotor Pilot out of Phoenix, AZ. We will be talking to her about her adventure.

Episode 8

Paramotor Pilot Marc Amenson -  Teacher and Blawkhawk paramotor pilot Marc Amenson discusses paramotoring with Robert in this episode of ParaTalk.

Episode 7

Robert interviews PPGFlyr - Trey is a paramotor pilot who has been flying for years. He has a great YouTube channel. We are going to be asking him some questions about paragliding and motoring around.

Episode 6

Robert interviews free-flight pilot Andre Ferreira - Andre is a part of the Bruce Goldsmith Design paragliding team. At the age of 16 he made his first RC Plane, started 3 businesses one where he designs and sells drones. He tested to be a fighter pilot. Has been a paraglider pilot for 4 years. His first XC flight was 60k from Bradwell. And last year flew over 128K in a single flight.

Prior ParaTalk shows can be found on Robert's YouTube Channel.